Which Is Better Pure Seduction or Love Spell?

Love Spell is a better perfume than Pure Seduction. Love Spell has a more floral scent that is not too strong. It also has a hint of vanilla which makes it smell sweet and delicious. Pure Seduction smells like alcohol and does not have the same sweetness as Love Spell.

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What does Victoria Secret Pure Seduction smell like?

victorias secret

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction is a romantic fragrance, and it leaves you smelling sweet and fruity. It is a mixture of several smells, including red plum, sweet melon, and freesia. The perfume itself has a very feminine vibe to it.

It is a feminine fragrance that is reminiscent of seductive scents. It provides an alluring, sensuous smell that lingers on your body for hours and does not put off an odor when some might be sensitive to these types of smells, like dogs.

What does Pure Seduction Decadent smell like?

Pure Seduction Decadent – Fruity Warm: Berry Chantilly. Winter Plum a deep, rich take on Pure Seduction, summer berries, and velvety passion fruit. Velvet Petals Decadent – Fruity Warm: Rich Pomegranate.

Which Victoria Secret body mist smells the best?

All Body Mists by Victoria’s Secret are perfumes, which can sometimes be as strong or even stronger than your regular “perfume.” This means that it may make it more difficult for others to smell the scents you want when they’re around. Victoria’s Secrets has various sprays, from fruity smells like in Royally-Grapefruit-&-Mixed Berries to flower ones like in Island Kissed Honeydew. You should choose something dependent on what type of scent you think will work best with your body chemistry and natural odors.

Does love spell smell good?

Love Spell, produced by Victoria’s Secret, is a lovely scent that smells feminine and good.

The fragrance mist is a light, fruity scent infused with the soothing scents of cherry blossoms and chamomile.

What do the Victoria’s Secret Mists smell like?

One of Victoria’s Secret mists has a citrusy delight scent with amber and cruelty-free animal alternatives. This scent is meant to last all day!

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