What Does Sugarful Smell Like?

Sugarful & Spice is a fragrance meant to be sold through HSN. It’s described as an orange and pink blend of ginger with creamy vanilla.

At a Glance:

What are spicy scents?

Spicy fragrances are warm, sensuous, and mysterious. Some spices you’ve likely encountered in the kitchen include ginger, black pepper, saffron, cinnamon, and cloves.

Who is Michel Germain?

In your own words, Michel Germain is known for perfumery that can invite love and create a sense of beauty. Using natural oils, the goal is to invite people in closer. The use of aromas is meant to seduce through pleasure rather than compulsion.

How do you smell like cotton candy?

Many people wear this perfume because it starts sweet and ends with a fruity scent. It costs about $40 on average. The notes in this fragrance make the smell different from just cotton candy, including hints of marshmallow and vanilla nuances.

What does Obsession smell like?

A note of obsession is a woman’s scent by Calvin Klein. The fragrance is a mix of different fragrances with top notes including Vanilla, Basil, and Bergamot, followed in the middle by Spices and Sandalwood, Civet Musk, which combined to form Base notes. According to an article from Woman Trend, “Calvin Klein – From My Heart…Alone,” states that Obsession was one out of 45 scents released in 1985 when it appeared for the first time at Macy’s. In 1979 Humberto Leon showed Vincent Gaultier his sketches, now titled Obsession, thus beginning their partnership to start this scent.

The top notes of passion fruit and raspberry create an exotic and fruity texture to the fragrance because they are green. Passion fruit is a tropical fruit born in South America, but raspberries come from other plants such as trees or vines. The following heart consists of Jasmin, orange blossom, purple datura nectar, jonquil aphrodisiacs, cucumber concentrates mixed into something rich like woods with vetivert peat moss.

This oriental scent will fill your skin’s pores with its flowery aroma with hints of spice for days on end through its addictive qualities. An intense oriental fragrance Addictive and long-lasting Obsession sets a sexy provocative mood by day or by night. Top notes of bergamot and mandarin create an exotic flavor to this fragrant because it is created out of green grapes (despite being red).

Does Obsession by Calvin Klein smell good?

The best way for me to describe what Obsession smells like is a mixture of fruits and sea breezes, with a touch of vanilla over it all. I highly suggest that people try this perfume because you will smell the different scents whenever you wear it. Obsession by Calvin Klein contains a mixture of fruits and ‘sea breeze,’ imparting an overall scent of vanilla whilst still maintaining its fruity individuality. Overall, highly recommended!

What perfume smells like Obsession?

The perfume, called Moschino, is very similar to Obsession. However, it differs slightly in the spicy notes present in its middle feature and could be a good choice for someone who has or enjoys Obsession as their scent.

Is Obsession still a good cologne?

I agree that Obsession Cologne has many reformulations. However, the lasting power on it is still high. One spray can last for 8-18 hours.

What does Tiffany smell like?

Iris is one of the main scents that are found in this perfume. When you spray the scent, it creates a strong and fresh smell, which has stronger notes than many other perfumes on the market. Its bright meaning rich colors associated with iris flower; pink for sunrise and sunset, gold to symbolize humankind’s quest for beauty or riches, purple as a color shrouded in mystery and romance.

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