What Does Pink Flower by Pink Sugar Smell Like?

Pink Sugar is a perfume that has a sweet, floral scent. It’s not too strong, and it’s not too light. It smells like fresh flowers and sugar, which is why it’s called Pink Sugar.

The top notes of this smell are fruity mandarin and raspberries, speckled with a hint of black pepper. Middle notes called the heart include jasmine flowers and roses that mix pleasantly into complicated floral scents. Lastly, delicate tones of vanilla end in a lingering base note of patchouli and vanilla.

At a Glance:

What does Pink Sugar smell like?

The first fragrance of Italian cosmetic brand Aquolina is Pink Sugar, a fragrance for young girls who like sweets. It smells like sweet candy floss with hints of citrus and fig leaf.

What perfume is similar to Pink Sugar?

Some people say that Acqua e Zucchero by Profumum Roma is like the long-lost twin sister of Pink Sugar.

Does Pink Sugar smell like licorice?

Pink Sugar definitely smells like licorice. Other than the smell being described as “sticky cotton candy,” “chewy licorice sticks,” and to be a part of this funfair fantasy, it doesn’t say much about what you should expect when smelling one of these perfumes up close.

However, I suppose another way for me to word this would be is Licorice is usually noted for having a strong anise scent which stands out among all other smells.

Is Pink Sugar perfume discontinued?

Pink Sugar fragrance is discontinued. Unfortunately, you cannot find Pink Sugar on the site or in stores anymore.

Why are fragrances discontinued?

Fragrances are discontinued because the ingredients they rely on for their scent are sometimes unavailable, usually because natural products are in little supply. If an ingredient in a fragrance is declared a dangerous chemical, then the company will stop making it after regulations come into force and children cannot have prolonged exposure to them.

Lastly, manufacturers discontinue fragrances if they feel as though sales aren’t profitable enough.

These common reasons why fragrances are discontinued:

  • Certain key ingredients become unavailable or scarce
  • Chemicals used become prohibited
  • Sales do not meet producers’ standards

When did Pink Sugar perfume come out?

My Answers Pink Sugar perfume came out in September 2004. No singular person created this perfume, but it was manufactured and made by the Givaudan company. Pink sugar includes four main recognizable notes or sources of fragrance: a raspberry opening, oranges, bergamots, and fig leaves that together make up its top note; cotton candy notes earmarked with licorice are finds at the middle level; red berries along with strawberries and lilies characterize the lower levels of scent composition.

What smells similar to Pink Sugar perfume?

Some perfumes similar to pink sugar are Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf, Pink Sugar by Aqualina, Pour Femme by CofGanda.

What color is Pink Sugar perfume?

Pink Sugar perfume smells like cotton candy, and its liquid is clear.

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